Common Issues

Power Steering Scuffs

If you turn the wheels on your car while standing still, this can cause the asphalt to smudge, flake and become porous.  In the heat of the summer, this occurs often.  DO NOT PANIC! This problem will fix itself over time.  This problem is a direct cause of heat.

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Asphalt Smudged – Power Steering Scuffs

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Power Steering Scuffs

Power steering scuffs

Power Steering Scuffs


High Edges

Sometimes after dig out, the grade of the driveway my be higher or lower than that of the lawn.  If you have a driveway with high edges and you are landscaping with soil, we recommend using plastic as a buffer between the driveway and soil.



Driveway is Built off of Garage Floor – May Result in Driveway Being Higher or Lower than Lawn

High Edge 1

High Edge

Grade of Lawn is HIGHER than Driveway

Roller Marks

For a period of time, the driveway might show areas of roller marks, foot prints or tamp marks.  This is normal.  As the asphalt cures, these areas will become less and less noticeable.


Plow Damage

If you have your driveway plowed, there is potential for plow damage.  Superior Seal & Paving is NOT responsible for plow damage.  Below are some examples of what plow damage may look like.Plow Damage Plow Damange 2