Saw Cut

Driveway Saw Cut Process:

  • Saw cut to leave clean edge
  • Remove material, debris from damaged area
  • Install runner crush as needed (Superior Seal & Paving, Inc. may re-use stone if we deem beneficial to job).
  • Apply type #3 binder coat
  • Apply Type #7 and flush with existing asphalt
  • Apply hot tack between old and new work

Saw cut & Topcoat

Any time a customer receives a saw cut, there is a chance that the old and the new asphalt will separate where the cut has been made.  When topping over saw cut, there is a chance there will be a crack where the original saw cut has been made.  With proper maintenance, these cracks can be filled and maintained.

We will do our best to provide you with the ULTIMATE DRIVEWAY, but we also want to be honest about the problems that can occur.

Pictures Below: Broken & Cracked End, Saw Cut End, Resurface Entire Driveway