The sealing of your driveway includes the following process:

  • Clean the driveway with high speed blowers & wire brooms

  • Weed whack the grass away from the edges (WE DO NOT DO PROFESSIONAL EDGING)

  • Treat any necessary oil spots with primer before applying the sealer (oil spots will more than likely bleed through the sealer.  Do not apply any chemicals to clean the spots, simply let the sun “bake them out” of the driveway).

  • Treat the edges and the end of your driveway with our Dura-Fill 3405 premium quality crack treatment.  **NOTE** we do NOT treat surface cracks.

  • Apply the sealer and rope off the driveway

We seal with rubberized latex coal tar emulsion.  Our sealer is applied with broom penetration finish.  **WE DO NOT SPRAY.**  Please note that sealing is a liquid.  It simply maintains a paved driveway.  Sealing will NOT fix sink holes or make issues in your driveway disappear.

Sealing is an extremely weather sensitive project.  We can NOT seal in the rain.  If you send back the post card, Superior Seal & Paving, Inc.  will call with an estimated time frame dependent on when we receive it.  If you sign up online, you will automatically receive a time frame.  Please be aware it is subject to change due to weather reports/conditions.  **NOTE:  Please DO NOT take time off work or change plans for this project.  It is not a requirement for the homeowner to be present.

Do not walk or put cars on driveway for at least 24 hours!


Crack Treatment

We use a federally approved Dura-Fill 3405 hit rubberized crack treatment.  It is important to know that we do NOT glue driveways back together (see picture below). 




The key to a long lasting driveway is sealing it every 2 years. Sealing a driveway protects it from sun damage, moisture and chemical intrusion.

BEFORE Sealing

BEFORE Sealing


AFTER Sealing

AFTER Sealing


Commercial Sealing & Striping

Commercial Sealing & Striping

Below is an example of an over-sealed driveway

oversealed 1 oversealed 2

seal before after