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Over 35 Years of Excellent Service

Superior Seal & Paving has proudly served Syracuse and the Central New York area for over 35 years. We've worked with countless homeowners and small businesses, delivering on our promise of high quality work and amazing customer service. Whether you need asphalt paving, repairs or sealing, you can trust our experienced team to guide you through the entire process.

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Our Services

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At Superior Seal & Paving, we specialize in driveway paving that creates long-lasting value for your property. If you need a full replacement or resurfacing, our experienced team is here to deliver exceptional results.

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Superior Seal & Paving offers cost-effective services to repair the condition of your existing driveway or parking lot. Our team is equipped to handle all types of repairs, ensuring your driveway is safe, durable and looks great!

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Sealing is an essential maintenance service that protects your driveway from the elements and extends its lifespan. At Superior Seal & Paving, we use top-quality materials and application methods to keep your driveway looking great.

Why Choose Superior Seal & Paving?

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Quality Workmanship

Our skilled team delivers top-notch results on every driveway.

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Transparent Prices

Get premium service without hidden fees and upcharges.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our team is always responsive and committed to making sure you are happy with our work.

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Our Guarantee

We show up on schedule and stand behind our work.

Our process

Request An Estimate

Our estimator will assess the condition of your asphalt, taking measurements and photos.



We send a detailed recommendation with transparent pricing.



We schedule the job and communicate updates and instructions.



Our crews show up on schedule and work with precision and care.


Care and Maintenance

You’ll get instructions for how to maintain your driveway for years to come!


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Frequently asked questions

How thick do you lay the asphalt?

Most asphalt companies use this as a “selling point” on their driveway contract.  Our contract states that the asphalt is approximately 2-3” thick.  However, it is not possible to have an even thickness throughout the driveway.  For instance, after a dig out, if the driveway is soft, it is very difficult to get a perfect thickness.  Some areas will be thicker than others based on the paver, trucks or equipment sinking into the stone. If we are laying a topcoat on the driveway, areas near the garage, sidewalks, road or concrete gutters might not have enough room for 2-3”. We pick away at the asphalt that is currently there and lay enough asphalt to make the driveway as level as possible.  This is why we write “approximately”.

What are power steering scuffs?

Power steering scuffs are our #1 complaint.  This is when a vehicle is standing still in the driveway and the steering wheel is turned thus ripping the asphalt with the wheels of the vehicle.  Most of the time, they are not caused by the homeowner.  Scuffs come in all different shapes and sizes, but they usually come in sets of 2.  This is not a material defect.  Most of the time, power steering scuffs will occur on very hot days.  This is just a part of having an asphalt driveway.

Will you be using a paver on my driveway or is it done by hand?

The bulk of most driveways are done with our paver.  However, work done near sidewalks, close to the house, garage floor etc. will be done by hand.  When we do handwork, the appearance of the asphalt is a little different than areas where we use the machine.  The asphalt appears more porous.  This is  not a defect and will not create future problems.

Will I see any imperfections after paving?

After paving, you may see roller marks, tamp marks, seams in the driveway and footprints.  While the crew is paving, they may not see these marks because of the sun’s glare.  When the sun goes down, this is when you may see some imperfections.  When the sun rises, you will see other imperfections.  These imperfections will become less and less noticeable with regular usage.

How does weather affect the sealing schedule?

Sealing is highly weather-sensitive and cannot be done in wet or cold conditions. We'll provide an estimated timeframe and confirm the date when the weather is clear, keeping you informed of any changes.

Does my driveway need fabric paper?

Fabric paper does not prevent weed growth, cracking or settling. Many paving companies use fabric paper as a selling point on their contract.  We do not know if your driveway needs paper until we dig out the driveway and see how wet/soft it is underneath.  If it is extremely wet/soft,   we will automatically lay fabric paper at no additional cost.  However, some customers want fabric paper even if it is not needed.  If this is your decision, there is an option on your contract to use fabric paper at an additional charge.  We recommend letting us dig out the driveway and making the decision on the day of your dig out for no sdditional charge.

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